About The Artist
With 18 years under his belt there is no doubt that the process of the industry is second nature to Terry Silberman. Starting at ground level and working his way up to Senior Visual Effects Artist/Supervisor was no easy task. From Moviola’s & Flatbeds to the latest Autodesk systems was quite the adventure. Adventure Film & Tape that is, exactly where Terry began his journey. Starting off as a runner in the industry Terry knew the door of his dreams had finally opened. With dedication and determination Terry went on to learn the machine room. From there he began learning linear editing such as tape to tape editing systems to non-linear systems such as the Avid. With wanting to know every aspect of the Post Production side of the business, Terry switched gears and moved into audio engineering.

With the completion of Digi-Design school Terry went on to design, edit and compose sound effects for many major brand commercials. Terry continued sound design until one day four large boxes arrived and were setup in a room called “Flint” It was the beginning of a new found glory, the feeling of all feelings and a true passion that was finally exposed. Terry went on to dedicate the rest of his career to visual effects and become one with Autodesk platforms. Attending Flame school was just the beginning in the world of visual effects. Days, nights and weekend are what it took to not just learn the system, but to learn the true capabilities and inner working of the platforms. Flint, Flame, Inferno, Smoke, Combustion, Nuke, PC, Mac, Photoshop and even Jaleo were Terry’s choice of platforms, so much that he was requested to teach others the workings of these systems.

We asked Terry how he felt about his accomplishments and where he has ended up in his career today. “I’m extremely blessed I have had the opportunity to work with so many different toolsets and platforms. Dedication, determination and communication along with passion is what allows me to continue each day”. Terry also adds that what makes a truly great artist is the ability to accommodate the client without actually having them tell you what to do step by step, but rather listening to their inner discussions and making changes on the fly, only to turn around and show them something they were discussing prior to them actually telling him.

Terry also adds that many Flame artists out there are just “compositors” Where as just being a compositor is just not good enough. Understanding all facets of the software are crucial. Being able to perform proficiently from compositing to color correction to EDL manipulation and conforms, along with understanding and dealing with clients on a daily basis. With a long following of clientele and an exuberant amount of experience Terry continues to utilize his skills in Visual Effects, compositing, client service and the teaching of Autodesk’s Flame software. With over 18 years of experience and thousands of commercials and film work, Terry continues to enjoy his childhood dream and make the impossible…possible...visually!

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