Reel Breakdown
Opening- Devised from multiple composites from previous jobs. Samsung, Mitsubishi, Cheetos, Winstar, Guard-Dog and various others. All grn. scrn, rif removal,3D integration, animation and heavy compositing.
HBO- Create, animate and design opening and closing for HBO HD TV. Multi-layered, tracking, particle and speed manipulation. Complete build from scratch. 486 layered composite.
Smallville- Grn. scrn. roto, tracking, speed manipulation.
Gillette- Tracking, roto, color-correction, composite names and numbers, flares, add smoke exhaust throughout spot, sky replacement.
Playstation- Design and create matrix graphic element, tracking, roto, color- correction.
Gatorade- Roto, mattes water on kids face, color warp to various colors. Tracking and stabilization involved. Multi-layered composites.
Armageddon- Grn. Blue scrn. composite, add atmosphere and exterior, lights, glows, rig removal Multi-manipulation and tracking involved. CG integration.
GMC- Grn. scrn. composite. Add snow, background, tree elements, atmosphere with extreme manipulation.
Fall Out Boys- Composite multiple shots. Rig removal, tracking, smoke and debris added, create flying objects. Post supervise and lead compositor.
Vagabond- Create and design initial look of overlay effect, roto, tracking, manipulation of multiple shots.
Janky Promoters- Composite 38 shots. Grn. scrn. trackin, roto, add glass break and a multitude of various elements throughout. Gun shots, lights, create and design animation elements. Post Supervisor and lead Artist.
Ford- Clean-up throughout spot. Participate in flashlighs behind vehicle effect. Roto, tracking involved.
BabyRuth- Visual Effects Supervise/Lead Artist. Fill stadium from 40 extras. Entire spot consisted of Grn. scrn. Sky replacement, tracking, roto, structure addition. Create and animate stadium markee.
NBA- Composite multiple layers to develope specific look. Track players numbers on jerseys.
Honda Fury- Grn. scrn. composite, extensive roto, image manipulation.
NHL- Roto, tracking. Particle manipulation.
Music Video- Create entire look from video section. Add multiple elements, grn. scrn, fog, lighting, smoke, snow, particles, tracking, roto.
LXG- Composite various shots. grn. scrn, add snow, backplates, rig removal, tracking.
K-Swiss- Grn. scrn. Anna K into atmosphere, tracking. Add sky, trees, poles. Duplication and manipulation of people in stands throughout spot. Intensive grn. scrn throughout.
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Create poloroids with moving images, composite various shots throughout entire video. Rig removal, tracking, color.
Coke Cola- Composite mult-layered images. Animate, track, roto. Design with group effort.
70%- Post Supervise/Lead Artist. Composite (40) various shots. All butterflies were created in Flame from 2D self drawings.
Chevy- Create from scratch 3D calendar using 2D elements devised in Flame. Add vehicle and light passes.
Auto-Tradder- Create and design computer arrows throughout spots. Animate and design 500 layer composite of computer arrows over vehicles in 2D built garage. Composte entire spot.
Jerry Bruckheimer- Composite various elements, tree, lightning, sky elements.
Marlow- Visual Effects Supervise/Lead Artist. Grn. scrn. composites. Add and track smoke, fire, sparks created from particle manipulation.
Intel- Composite multiple shots for entire spot. Tracking, roto, color.
Armageddon- Grn. scrn. compositing, add atmosphere, cg integration, exterior plates, tracking, color, roto.
Hellride- Composite sunglasses onto face along with lense cleanup. Multiple manipulation and tracking invovled. (32) shots total. Clean crew throughout and roto.
Big Dog Daddy- Composite (40) + shots. Larry the cable guy/Toby Keith. Grn. scrn. composites throughout of backplates behind vehicles. Create 3D bricks from 2D elements, add smoke and atmosphere. Create explosion.
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