With a passion for technology, film and video it's not only a career but also a hobby. I tend to engulf the knowledge from others to add to the mastering of my craft. Intern shed my knowledge to others to help facilitate the process to ensure the final product is unsurpassed. Aside from my mastering abilities with my craft I pride myself on communication and team skills. I have a great attention to detail, the ability to handle pressure and initiative. I'm very enthusiastic and have a great deal of knowledge in leadership skills. My primary goal is to help execute the visions of clients that require my skill set in collaboration with other to ensure their visions become a reality.

Professional Experience:

Solid LA
Santa Monica, California
Position: Head Of Visual Effects Dept. Senior lead Flame Artist/Compositor.

Crush Editorial
Santa Monica, California
Position: Head Of Visual Effects Dept. Senior lead Flame Artist.                        2000-2007        

Hollywood, California

Position: Senior lead Flame Artist/Compositor/Designer.                                     1999-2000       

Voodoo EFX
Hollywood, California
Position: Senior lead Flame Artist/Compositor/Team leader.                               1997-1999               
Spot Shop Editorial
Santa Monica, California
Position: Senior lead Flame Artist/Compositor.                                                    1995-1997        

Zoo Productions
Position: Lead Flame Artist/Graphic Design.                                                       1994-1995       

Adventure Film & Tape
Position: Flame Artist/Compositor/Sound Designer/Offline Editor.                      1990-1994   


Experienced On Set Visual Effects Supervision:
Experienced in capturing the necessary elements along with providing solutions and technical advice to expedite what's necessary for great end results.
Experienced Flame, Inferno Artist/Compositor With Design Capabilities: Extremely proficient utilizing all aspects of Autodesk Flame/Inferno. Capable of handling an entire job from online to finish. Utilizing other desktop based applications for creating elements that are important to the entire creation of a composition.
Excellent Skills in Matting and Keying Difficult Shots: Having dealt with many incredible difficult matting and keying shots, I have developed specialized techniques to acquire and excellent matte utilizing various in depth techniques within and outside Autodesk software. Excellent rotoscoping skills as well.
Excellent Client Skills: Client skills are everything in this business. With 20 years in the business along with working with clients on a daily basis I have developed amazing client skills. I honestly pride myself on these skills. I believe it's an intricate part of my responsibility as an artist to accommodate, understand and help expedite the client's vision.
Proficient On lining Skills: With a background in editing from Avid to tape to tape offline/online proficiencies with reading, understanding and manipulating EDL's is one of my strong assests along side compositing and design. The essentials with being and accomplished artist is understanding all intricate operation of the software, including assuring that the final picture is flawless in its assembled state.
Time Management Skills: Working within extreme time restraints and highly pressured situations is second nature. With many years of experience in these types of situations I have developed skills to adapt to this type of environment. A true understanding of the software and organizational skills are vital and allow me to function appropriately to implement, expedite and deliver on time and precise.
Welcoming Character: Self motivated and extremely particular to the details, good listener. I am capable of working as part of a team or leading one. I am accepting of others comments and willing to put in the hours in order to meet deadlines. I have an extreme amount of dedication to my craft and those around me.

Education A:

College Of The Canyons-
Graphic &Multimedia Design-Santa Clarita, California
Los Angeles Valley College- Media Arts-Valley Glenn, California

Education B:

4K-Ninjas Red Camera Workflow:
(Workshop) Process, workflow & integration. Personal involvement with Ninja team. Santa Monica, California
Discreet Logic (Autodesk)
: Inferno, Flame, Flint. (Beta-tester) Venice, California
Fxphd (Fxguide):
Nuke Training. Santa Monica, California
Jaleo Systems: Artist/Systems trainer. Seattle, Washington/California
Comp TIA A+ Certified. Hardware/Software. Beverly Hills, California
UCLA Extensions: (Unix) Essentials & programming. Westwood, California
Digi-Design: (Pro-Tools) Audio engineering, sound editor. Los Angeles, California
Avid Technologies: (Avid) Avid Technition. Hollywood, California

Education C:

United States Coast Guard Aux (Homeland Security/Public Affairs Officer)
FSO-PA 1222606 (Certified: Web development/Vessel Examiner/Public Affairs/Finger Print Tech./F.E.M.A/Crew/Patrol(Level 5 Security)

Summary: A highly experienced Flame Artist along with multiple tool sets with extensive knowledge in the field of visual effects. With nearly 20 years in the film industry along with an impeccable reputation and long client following, a true asset to any willing organization. Unsurpassed knowledge of the process, work flow and understanding of all areas in Post Production. A self starter with skills developed of functioning and adapting to any situation or circumstance that may arise. Proficient at building client relationships and understanding time management to proficiently and flawlessly expedite the final product.

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